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WISTV reports that a Sumter police officer was killed and another injured in a car collision Friday afternoon. Both officers were taken to Kershaw Hospital, where Charles Nesbitt Jr, who was known as a dedicated officer who truly cared about his work and family, was pronounced dead. No details were given about the security guard who survived the crash, we only know that he is injured. The Highway Patrol is analyzing and investigating the incident at the moment.


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Welcome everyone to my new WordPress Blog. Be prepared for some more original content in the future, i’m just not good at intro’s… So, you’re probably wondering what this blog is for. The main purpose of the Security Guard Blog is to inform and educate anyone who is working or has an interest in the security guard sector. For those who would like to start a career as a security guard, we have licensing and training info, as well as recommendations for training schools. Those who are currently working in the security industry might be interested to know what’s going on in their line of work, for those people we have security guard related news as well as informational articles about the newest equipment and security guard standards. Our main goal is to make the Security Guard Blog an authority in the field, a starting point for those who want to become a guard as well as a place-to-go for those who are interested to know what’s going on in their sector. For those who are just starting out as a security guard, i found these interesting wiki’s with some general security guard information and facts. You can find them Here and Here. Make sure to bookmark this blog or check back with us a few times a week, we’ll try to update this blog on a daily basis, so you don’t want to miss out on anything!

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