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May 10, 2011 – Colorado – The five sheriff’s deputies that were involved in the death of 56-year old Marvin Booker while he was being held at Denver downtown jail, will not be disciplined. The investigation concluded that the Colorado guardshad reason to believe Booker was a threat for both himself as the people surrounding him, and physical force was required to maintain order. Booker, who was being held at Denver downtown jail for his possession of drug paraphernalia, died at July 9 after he was being subdued by the 5 deputies. A civil lawsuit seeking unspecified monetary damages is pending.


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Monday May 10, 2011 – New York – New York City continues its crackdown on commercial tour bus drivers since the fatal bus crash on March 12, in which 15 people were killed while they were on their way home from a Connecticut casino. Ever since the unfortunate event occurred , Andrew Cuomo, the current governor of New York, has directed the DMV, the New York State Department of Transportation and Inspector General Biben to work narrowly with local police to scrutinize the New York tour bus sector. This resulted in the arrest of 173 commercial bus drivers who were charged for holding commercial licenses while they already had other licenses suspended under false names. On monday, 46 more were arrested in an effort to get rid of unlicensed bus drivers. To provide you with statistics, 1960 surprised roadside inspections were performed by the New York Department of Transportation since March 17. This resulted in the issuing of 197 tickets and 174 bus drivers being arrested for varying charges. Read more at officer.com

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